Coffee! It starts your day, gets you going, and brings you together with family and friends both old and new. It's a little warm cup of heavenly peace in the middle of a busy world. What is good coffee? That is a highly subjective and dividing question. Ask 10 people what good coffee is and you will get 10 different answers. At Looney Bean we try to do the best we can in all areas and this is especially true when it comes to coffee. Good coffee is ALWAYS FRESH! As coffee roasters we have the advantage of always having the freshest coffee on hand. We take the highest quality Mexican coffee, roast it fresh and serve it to you however you like it. We are coffee lovers, not coffee snobs.

Our Coffees


Our signature coffee at Looney Bean. We use 100%, top quality, pure Chiapas coffee and roast it Dark (just below french). We use this in all of our espresso drinks and also offer it as whole bean and ground. This bold coffee is also excellent for drip brewed coffee, pour overs,  and french press. Its what we drink at the shops and at home.

House Blend